About Us

Who We Are

We want to ensure that we connect with our customers and are more than just a brand. 

Psalms London is a brand founded in the heart of London by two individuals. We wanted to start by creating simple, but effective pieces that ultimately stand out because of our name. 

For one of us, Psalms scriptures has helped and strengthend through hard times. For the other, Psalms London is brand that they find appealing based on its simple nature. To you, it can be or mean whatever you want.

We are only at the start of our journey, but have a clear and far vision ahead and look forward to taking you along with us.


Our Mission Statement 

To sell high quality products that grab individuals, driven by our name. We want our brand to be for everyone.

Our Unique-Selling Point

Our name itself, Psalms London. That's what we believe stands out the most.

Got some feedback for us? 

Please do not hesitate contact us with any feedback via the contact page.